Multi-Layered Hybrid Designed Material,
Individual Very High Quality Stitching Makes For A Longer Life

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Our Masks are and Recyclable made of Multiple Layers of a Medical Grade Material

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  • Sustainable Source absolutely no decremental affect on NHS supplies.
  • Face Mask / Coverings made professionally in a controlled environment out of medical grade materials but for public use.
  • Ultra-Lite follows your head as you move, so comfortable for extended periods of wear.
  • The Layers stretch and allow your skin and vapours to wick away increasing comfort.
  • Washable in your normal wash. Recommended to wash at 60 Degrees Centigrade, 122 Fahrenheit.
  • High airflow, whilst blocking droplets through the mask to reduce feelings of not being able to breath.
  • The elasticity for comfort and fit is built into the patented material.
  • Completely recyclable and meets The Global Recycled Standard for material.

Why Wear Our Unique Mask?

  1. Washable for multiple uses, saves substantially over single use masks.
  2. Ultra-Lite and Ultra-Comfortable.
  3. 3 x Sizes for the best fit. Size & Shape Template Based on the most common sizes in the UK including Children/Teens
  4. Medical Grade Multi Layered Material.
  5. Professionally manufactured in a controlled regulated environment in Europe.
  6. 3 x Flexible Designs so you can choose what’s right for you.
  7. Made by an established medical equipment manufacturer.
  8. FREE POSTAGE & Same Working Day Despatch. Next Working Day Courier Available too.

They are made of up of  Hybrid Multi layers. The external layer is spandex which provides elasticity and a good contoured fit. Helping to keep the mask in place as you move your head. 

Inside of the spandex layer it has microfibre layer a cotton layer to filter and elastane layer to keep your skin healthy and to allow your sweat to wick away rapidly.

The material to the touch is very  soft and extremely light. Possibly the lightest mask you can find around.

You can very simply choose which size is right for you. Put your thumb on the tip of your chin and your index finger at the level of your ear canal. Hold your finger and thumb apart the same distance and measure using a ruler how many centimetres. If in the higher end of the range go for the next size up if available.

Child/Teenager: Chin to Ear length in the range 10,11,12 cm.

Adult: Chin to Ear length in the range 12,13,14 cm.

Adult Large: Chin to Ear length in the range 14,15,16 cm

Additional instructions on how to measure in the product specifics section before Checkout.

You can buy other masks that cost less. You will not be able to buy any other mask exactly like ours. The Multi-Layered Material in a Compact design. The stitching designed to survive multiple washes. If you want proof buy one and see for yourself. Many customers come back for more.

You must buy what is right for you but as per government advice we would advise that any mask you buy fulfills the following:


  • Allows you to breath normally whilst preventing the larger than air droplets from your breath to be spread easily.
  • Is comfortable to wear for short or extending periods without requiring constant adjustment. (Remember to try and not to touch your mask as the outside of the mask may be contaminated)?
  • Is it sized to correctly fit your face? We do not all have the same size face.
  • Will it last for repeated uses after being washed at the required 60 Deg. C.?


  • The mask allows you to move your head without the mask losing position and requiring adjustment.
  • The mask maintains its shape and form to maximise all of the essential items listed above.

Not required, even adverse

Just a few months ago the world realised that we could not continue to dump our waste plastics in the oceans with no effect on the life that lives there. Already there have been many reports on how the discarded Single Use Face Masks from the Corona Virus are ending up in the sea and they can have a lifespan of up to 450 years! (See Video)

We do not intend to add to the pollution of our oceans, all of our masks are fully compliant with the Global Recycled Standard.

A used mask should be washed every day when it is used. Current UK Government advice is to wash them in your normal detergent. We also advise you to wash them in a small garment bag or pillow case to protect the mask. It is not necessary to wash them on their own. It is recommended that you wash at 60 Degrees with your standard detergent. Higher temperatures may damage your mask and they are not currently a requirement to kill the virus.

Your mask should be applied after being washed the night before. You should wash your hands for at least a minute using soap or a liquid soap. A good technique is available here from the WHO. If you are not able to access soap and water then alcohol hand wash with at least 70% alcohol is sufficient.  

  1. Take the mask from the bag you have it contained in holding the ear pieces. The bottom of the Strawberry Medical mask when laid flat is straight. The top is curved upto the nose. 
  2. Open the two ear pieces with the nose furthest away from your body. Bring the mask to your face slotting your chin into the bottom section of the mask.
  3. Your nose should then fit into the top of the mask.
  4. The two ear pieces go behind your ears.
  5. A tip for users with glasses. Remove your glasses after mask application and reapply behind the mask that way you will not pull your glasses off when you remove the mask. You will reduce fogging in your glasses by breathing through your nose. Also you can wash your glasses lenses in a mild soap solution which will also stop them fogging up.

The Strawberry Medical Face Mask material has been certified by the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®

The material also reaches the Global Recycled Standard, so when you no longer need the mask you will be confident that it can be recycled.

Strawberry Medical Face Masks/Coverings are made to a standard mask shape. This shape and the 3 sizes we offer will cover the majority of the population. That is where any similarities end. They are manufactured in Europe in a regulated ISO 13485 Medical Equipment Factory. Quality and consistency is key. Clean and controllable environments for manufacture are also very important. You need to know where your masks are made are kept to high and regulated standard. Strawberry Medical is also an ISO 9001:2015 Registered Company. 

We welcome your call if you are unable to buy via our web portal. Please call us on 01525 229900 if our lines are busy please leave us your name and number and we will call you back.

The only masks that can prevent you from inhaling the Virus are the N95 or greater medical masks. These masks are for front line workers and are not recommend by the UK Government for the general public. These masks require professional fitting to be effective and the general public are not trained to do this. So wearing such mask may lull you into a false sense of security.

Therefore we do not claim that our masks will protect you from the Corona Virus but  as per UK Government advice they will help to reduce the transmission of the virus by keeping your body fluids inside of the mask. Good hand washing technique is also of high importance.

Please email or call us if you have further questions. You can also find more information in our FAQ’s for Face Masks.

Our masks are made to be washable and maintain integrity throughout their life. The stitching is clearly better than any other mask we have seen on the UK market today. Helping to maintain the shape over the nose leaving space to breath. 

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